Neutronic Suite


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cerealsensei Really dope project. It has this really spacy but soulful vibe that kind of makes you feel like you're traveling through the universe. Also great features from Substantial and the various vocalists who blessed the tracks they contributed to. An album you can put on and just let it ride out. Favorite track: Sunset feat. Uyama Hiroto.


The Neutronic Suite is a journey through music that uses Afro Electronic Rhythms, Soul, Future Jazz & Hip Hop to tell the Story of Artist JSOUL's transformation from vocalist to producer. Using the principles of a Neutron star to symbolize the end of one Life span and the creation of a new and beautiful journey. It starts on the Ivory Coast of West africa in 1619. The Door of No return in Edina where his ancestors once walked and ends in a galaxy far away from the harsh and cruel environments of mankind used to strangle and stifle our growth as people. Through this journey words and sounds of positive affirmations that encourage growth, healing, love & light illuminates its way, until finally we reach our destination of peace and artistic freedom.


released November 8, 2019


All Songs Produced and Mixed by Jsoul

"Motherland Star & Shine" vocal mixes by Grant Nicholas @ G Nick Studios, North Hollywood CA

"Become Neu" mixed by Ryan Anderson @ Wrightway Studios

Label: B.S.M.P. (Black Sinatra Music Production)


all rights reserved



JSOUL Baltimore, Maryland

Blackout Studios recording Artist and Baltimore native JSOUL has truly defined the
meaning of being a singer, beat maker, writer and producer.
Taking his cues from soul masters past
and present, has inspired him to create quality
music of inspiration, pain, pleasure, life, and
LOVE with a style that emanates eclectic, funk-
da-fied soul.
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Track Name: Departure feat. Substantial

(Fly away) 3x (Find away) 1x

I want out of this world, Peace. Auf wiedersehen!
Grab both my daughters and my girl, we’re never seen again.
I’ma miss my fam though, sorry if we offend
Outta here quicker than El Chapo fleed the pin
This is no longer a place I can recommend
Where cowards feel safe in the bubble that they’re tweetin’ in
Call themselves writers but they don’t need a pen
Thousands of followers but can’t keep a friend
How you like them sour apples? Are they sweet as sin?
Before I partake, I would rather not eat again
If it’s my farewell party homie please attend
But if you ain’t got nothing good to say, you can keep it in
We were all destined to grow since the beginnin’
Now we’re trying to squeeze the lion’s share in a cheetah’s den
And I seen it kin, the nightmare I was dreamin’ then
Our blue planet was red hot with nothing to extinguish it
Pushing thru this game with my life bar at 3%
Against the greatest hate known with me on the receiving end
Folks missing when I needed them but I’m s’pose to be leaded them
Tried my best to reveal a gem, too close-minded to see it when
I reel it in, so until we meet again
Please avoid a weak offense that’ll get you 3 to 10
I intend to seek a win, fly out on the evening wind
But even with a bad hand, odds I’ll land feet again are pleasing friend
No drinking gin or poison to weaken me on my voyage
Just some vitamins and porridge for the recently turned explorer
Weaker men couldn’t forge a victory in this war
But freedom been ringing for us but seemingly been ignored
What’s the answer? Is it to pull my pants up?
Tuck my tail and advance sir, seeking out greener pastures?
Stay here and be slandered, while questions go unanswered?
Shot while putting my hands up or locked up in the slammer, pardon my candor
I only stay ‘cause I love my people
But another planet’s our only chances at being equal
So yeah, I’ma dream even if it isn’t feasible
We’re known to achieve the unachievable. But tribe say…

Ain’t no space progam for nig***
So we stuck here nig**
Tryna reprogram my nig***
So we plan much bigger.

Known to achieve the unachievable (fly away)
Known to achieve the unachievable (fly away)
Known to achieve the unachievable (fly away)
Even when the goal feel inconceivable (find away)
Track Name: The Element Of Light feat. Deborah Bond

Bursting With Light, Beaming in the Darkest Night
Only Flow and Freedom Forming


The Light , The Light
Track Name: Motherland Star feat. Sy Smith

Irawo ti de - ( The Star Has Arisen)
Irawo jinde - ( The Star Is Coming)

I am Walking Closer & I am Fearless, I am Fearless

From the Ice to the Dust, Getting Closer to the Sun ... Just Because

Getting Closer Getting Closer Getting Closer Just Because

Fearless ... I am Walking and i am Fearless.
Track Name: Lotus Flower

Once upon a time she lived in peace ... No More

Lotus Flower where have you gone? (x3)

Running away from where you really wanna be, among the Stars
Chasing mirages through the Universe, Your life's so hard
Your Life is so hard but i just need you to ,

Come Back to me Lotus Flower (x4)

Come Back to me .........
Track Name: Become Neu feat. Eric Roberson

Dont apologize to Me
Dont apologize to Me
Dont apologize baby for who you are , no baby
Dont apologize for being who you are
Dont apologize for being a shinning Star

Because i want to see you, everything you are in front of me
Dont apologize for being who you are , because you're much more that what i see in others eyes.
Your heart baby is the prize
So do not hide it baby cause thats not right, thats not right, just wont feel right

Early in the morning the sun shines so why not you? (x3)

I wanna know the ups and downs youve been through, yeah
Your scars do not hide from me, i see them as beautiful history
Pain youve overcame and got you through

Dont Apologize (x3)
Track Name: Shine feat. Sy Smith

"When i look into your windows all i see is Love & Shine
And when you fall into my body you should feel yours start to Shine
When i look into your windows all i see is Love & Shine
And when you fall into my body you should feel yours start to Shine"

Dont go blind, dont lose focus. You will find that its hopeless.
To dwell in the dullness of negativity, You could shine, We could shine, We all should Shine

"When i look into your windows all i see is Love & Shine
And when you fall into my body you should feel yours start to Shine"

Dont go blind dont lose focus. You will find that its hopeless
To dwell in the dullness of negativity. You could shine, We could shine, We all should Shine

Theres eternal light that goes around , reflections of a joy that we've found
Let it Shine (Let it Shine) Watch it Shine (Watch it Shine) We all could shine

"When i look into your windows all i see is Love & Shine"

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